Wild and Homeless Books was founded in 2009 by Andrew & Judith Rutherford and opened in Bridport on the 14th February that year. Jon Lever, formerly a manager for Ottakar’s and Waterstones, started working in the store in September 2009, initially to keep his hand in during a sabbatical from Big Business Bookselling.

One thing led to another, and having (almost) completed the traditional seven year apprenticeship, Jon took over the store from 14th July 2016.

We started listing books online with Abe in late 2018 and the description below is attached to our Abe storefront – which you can find here: Rank Commercialisation

Wild & Homeless Books has been trading from 12 South Street, Bridport, Dorset since February 2009. The current mismanagement team, who have been involved with the shop pretty much since opening, have been sitting in the big chair since Bastille Day 2016 and now have about 60 years of book trade experience between them in one form or another. The shop itself is situated on two floors of a listed (and listing) building in Bridport’s town square and contains a ridiculous number (according to our surveyor) of second-hand books. We try to carry a good general stock and do not specialise as such, although we’re on reasonably good ground when it comes to Railways and Cricket. We are also stockists of Wild Swan railway titles, now being published in Bath by Simon Castens, owner of the Titfield Thunderbolt transport bookshop. We are, by and large, open for business Monday to Wednesday, and Friday/Saturday between 10 and 3, and we are closed on Sundays, Thursdays, and Bank Holidays. We are occasionally closed due to ill-health, parenting responsibilities, Test Matches, and the phases of the moon. Please check if travelling specifically to visit. All of this rich pageant is watched over by a larger than life-sized print of Audrey Hepburn and a semi-sentient 1950s valve radio called The Behemoth.

2 thoughts on “About Wild & Homeless Books

  1. Just stumbled across your shop on Pinterest and although your website is small, what you have posted is so witty and charming I wish I had a passport. I’m stuck in the states with only the big corporate bookstores around. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Barnes & Noble, can’t live without it, but I will have to try harder to find a small bookshop to love. I swear they’re all in Europe & the U.K.!


    1. Thank you. We do try, and what we (also) lack in passports, we try to make up for in the imaginative conquest of the interior hinterland. Which sounds rather pretentious, as well as slighty inaccurate as Bob, my eminence grise and spiritual advisor, is currently vacationing in Mexico.

      Anyway, thank you again for your kind comments, I believe there are also good, small bookshops in Narnia, Middle Earth and Area 51.

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